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It is time to know and rethink how we produce and consume clothes.

Fashion is harming the Planet, it's time to Act!


We're calling you to join our mission. We need 100 million caring citizens to join together and commit to buying no more than 20 pieces of better and fashionable clothes, making fashion fun & sustainable.

Together, we can prevent landfill pollution and reduce carbon footprints. And that's just the beginning!

“Become an active citizen through your wardrobe”. -Livia Firth- Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age.

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Sustainable fashion is a style of clothing that is made in a way that can be sustained while protecting both the environment and those producing garments.

The current fashion production is impacting the environment at every stage. Hence sustainability is important in the fashion industry at every stage where toxic materials are not polluting the earth.

Sustainable clothes are made from natural or recycled fabrics with less to no chemicals, little water, less energy, and no pesticides. Thus, choosing sustainable Fashion reduces the carbon footprint & saves the planet. Read more..

Hemp, wool, organic cotton, soy silk, bamboo fabrics, jute, corn fiber, etc are considered sustainable fabrics as they are available in nature without any harmful effects of chemicals or toxins.

Choose versatile pieces of sustainable clothes that can be styled in multiple ways, rather than getting one that is going to fall out of fashion in no time. Get one from Paloma St James Now.

Buy 20 or less clothes from sustainable brands, shop secondhand and vintage, and rent your clothes rather than dumping them. Join our community to know how you can adopt sustainable fashion.